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Software Product Lines (SPLs) play an essential role in contemporary software development, improving program quality and reducing the time to market. However, despite its importance, several questions concerning SPL dependability did not get enough attention yet, such as: how the exception handling code has been implemented in SPLs? The characteristics of(More)
The Exception Handling (EH) is a widely used mechanism for building robust systems. In Software Product Line (SPL) context it is not different. As EH mechanisms are embedded in most of mainstream programming languages, we can find exception signalers and handlers spread over code assets associated to common and variable SPL features. When exception(More)
This paper presents an innovative platform that permits the aggregation of multiple e-mail and accounts, to make the day to day handling of e-mail messages more manageable and pleasant. The new product illustrates a launching supported by low level of investment and the search for innovation based in the finding of an unexplored need in the fast moving of(More)
The scope was to compare awareness of elderly males and young adults about aids, taking education into consideration. By means of an epidemiological, descriptive and cross-sectional study, the information of 30 elderly males and 62 young adults about the concept, transmission, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of aids was investigated by structured(More)
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