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Cambios en la composición de la comunidad vegetal después de la restauración de un humedal tropical en Veracruz, México
Los humedales son ecosistemas de gran importancia para el hombre por los bienes y servicios ambientales que brindan. Una de las causas de degradacion de los humedales de agua dulce, llamadosExpand
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A low-cost long-term model of coastal observatories of global change
ABSTRACT The identification and quantification of global change, including climate change, requires long time series of key variables. In this work, the fundamentals and operation of low-costExpand
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Composición florística, diversidad y ecología de humedales herbáceos emergentes en la planicie costera central de Veracruz, México
Se describe la composicion floristica, diversidad y ecologia de humedales herbaceos de la planicie costera de Veracruz, entre Tecolutla y la cuenca baja del rio Papaloapan, teniendo estos ultimosExpand
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Invader versus natives: Effects of hydroperiod on competition between hydrophytes in a tropical freshwater marsh
The La Mancha freshwater marsh (Veracruz, Mexico) has heterogeneous water and ground levels; spatial variation that is reflected in its vegetation's distribution. The invasive grass EchinochloaExpand
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Flora en playas y dunas costeras de México
Background and Aims:  The first updated floristic checklist, supported with herbarium specimens, is presented for beaches and coastal sand dunes of Mexico. Methods:  The analysis is based on theExpand
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Interdune Wetland Restoration in Central Veracruz, Mexico: Plant Diversity Recovery Mediated by the Hydroperiod
Freshwater wetlands are highly productive natural ecosystems that maintain high biodiversity and provide a wide range of environmental services. In spite of their importance, these ecosystems haveExpand
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Floristic composition, diversity and ecology of freshwater marshes in the central coastal plain of Veracruz, Mexico
This work describes the floristic composition, ecology and diversity of marshes along the central coastal plain of Veracruz, from Tecolutla to the lowlands of the Papaloapan River, where more diverseExpand
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Alien barnacle Amphibalanus amphitrite epizoic on two native oyster species in the southern Gulf of Mexico: spatio-temporal variability and current status of its epibiosis
ABSTRACT The study examines the current invasive status of the barnacle Amphibalanus amphitrite on natural populations of two native oyster species (the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica and theExpand
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