Hugo J. Bohórquez

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We present a new method to explore interactions between peptides and major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules using the resultant vector of the three principal multipole terms of the electrostatic field expansion. Being that molecular interactions are driven by electrostatic interactions, we applied quantum chemistry methods to better understand(More)
Why is an amino acid replacement in a protein accepted during evolution? The answer given by bioinformatics relies on the frequency of change of each amino acid by another one and the propensity of each to remain unchanged. We propose that these replacement rules are recoverable from the secondary structural trends of amino acids. A distance measure between(More)
The scaling properties of density functionals are key for fundamentally understanding density functional theory. Accordingly, the dependence of density functionals on the number of particles is of paramount relevance. The numerical exploration by Rong et al. addressed N-scaling for a set of quantum information quantities; they found linear relationships(More)
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