Hugo Hellebrand

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In this study two approaches are used to predict winter storm flow coefficients in meso-scale basins (10 km 2 to 1000 km 2) with a view to regionalization. The winter storm flow coefficient corresponds to the ratio between direct discharge and rainfall. It is basin specific and supposed to give an integrated response to rainfall. The two approaches, which(More)
Catchments show a wide range of response behaviour , even if they are adjacent. For many purposes it is necessary to characterise and classify them, e.g. for regionalisation, prediction in ungauged catchments, model parameterisation. In this study, we investigate hydrological similarity of catchments with respect to their response behaviour. We analyse more(More)
This study investigates how the performance of a set of models depends on the catchments to which these models are applied. It examines (i) whether it is possible to identify a single best model for each of the catchments, or whether results are dominated by equifinality; and (ii) whether the ranking of model performance can be related to a set of(More)
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