Hugo Estrada-Esquivel

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Recently, a lot of research efforts in software engineering have focused on integrating business modeling as a key piece in requirements engineering. In these research works, the business models are proposed as the source of the software requirements specification process. However, the majority of these works focus only on the definition of notations that(More)
The i* modelling framework is widely used for organizational modeling. The framework focuses on strategic relationships between actors in order to capture the social and intentional context of an enterprise. Nowadays, many research projects exist that use the i* framework in different applications domain. However, despite well-known theoretical advantages(More)
The creation of a conceptual schema is a critical feature of the software production process. The conceptual schema should represent the structure and behavior of the information system so that the users can perform their organizational tasks. For this reason, the organizational context needs to be the starting point for the generation of an initial(More)
At present, the early phase of Requirements Engineering is a new research area in the Software Engineering field. This phase is concerned with the analysis of the organizational context in which a software system will be used. The models used in this phase allow us to describe an organizational environment using actors, goals, business processes and(More)
The number of older adult has increased significantly in most current societies. One problem that is accentuated in the stage of old age is loneliness which is a serious health risk. Therefore, new methods for early detection of this condition that make use of new non-intrusive technologies are required. Loneliness includes four main factors (family,(More)
Los trabajos de investigación actuales en ingeniería de requisitos buscan mecanismos que permitan establecer la relación entre la funcionalidad esperada de un sistema de información y los procesos de negocios a los que éste dará soporte. Este enfoque permitirá asegurar que el sistema de información a desarrollar sea realmente útil en las tareas de los(More)