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Certain diets can have major effects on the development of IDDM in DP-BB rats, but data are scant on the timing, dose, and mechanisms involved. We therefore determined the dose response, timing, and duration of exposure required to induce diabetes, and characterized the effects of nutritionally adequate diets with widely different diabetogenicity on the(More)
The present study was designed to examine further the impact of individual plant protein sources found in a diabetogenic, cereal-based, rodent laboratory diet, NIH-07 [open formula, nonpurified rat and mouse diet (positive control)], on the development of diabetes. Diabetes-prone BB rats that were pan-T(OX19+)-lymphopenic were fed a low diabetogenic diet(More)
We consider the family of 3D minimal polyominoes inscribed in a rectanglar prism. These objects are polyominos and so they are connected sets of unitary cubic cells inscribed in a given rectangular prism of size b×k×h and of minimal volume equal to b + k + h − 2. They extend the concept of minimal 2D polyominoes inscribed in a rectangle studied in a(More)
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