Hugo C. Matias

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Eucalyptus globulus is native to Australia and currently one of the most cultivated hardwood species worldwide. The adaptation of E. globulus to fire-prone habitats has been linked to fire as a driver for regeneration and subsequent naturalization in Mediterranean-type regions. We studied the effect of fire on capsules and encapsulated seeds of E. globulus(More)
Despite the potential utility of a biogeographical approach to understanding the naturalization of exotic species, studies using this approach are scarce. Eucalyptus globulus is an economically important Australian tree species that has become naturalized in a number of countries where it was introduced. Portugal is an ideal territory to study the(More)
The Vilariça basin, located northeast Portugal astride a major late-Variscan NNE–SSW reactivated strike-slip fault, is an excellent example of interplate neotectonic activity whose development has been mainly interpreted as a result of left-lateral Ž displacement. Thirty magnetotelluric soundings were carried out in the Sta Comba da VilariçarSampaio region(More)
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