Hugo Bufferand

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The chemical structure of a methane counterflow diffusion flame doped with small amounts of either JP8 or a jet fuel surrogate was analyzed by gas sampling via quartz microprobes and subsequent GC/MS analysis. This jet-fuel initial oxidation is consistent with the anticipated chemical kinetic behavior, based on thermal decomposition of large alkanes to(More)
The TCV tokamak is augmenting its unique historical capabilities (strong shaping, strong electron heating) with ion heating, additional electron heating compatible with high densities, and variable divertor geometry, in a multifaceted upgrade program designed to broaden its operational range without sacrificing its fundamental flexibility. The TCV program(More)
Poloidal asymmetries of parallel flows in edge plasmas are investigated by the 3D fluid turbulence code TOKAM3X. A diverted COMPASSlike magnetic equilibrium is used for simulations. Measurements and simulations of parallel Mach numbers are compared and exhibit good qualitative agreement. Small-scale turbulent transport is observed to dominate near the Low(More)
We study the anomalous dynamical scaling of equilibrium correlations in one-dimensional systems. Two different models are compared: the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam chain with cubic and quartic nonlinearity and a gas of point particles interacting stochastically through multiparticle collision dynamics. For both models-that admit three conservation laws-by means of(More)
We present a simple stochastic, one-dimensional model for heat transfer in weakly collisional media as fusion plasmas. Energies of plasma particles are treated as lattice random variables interacting with a rate inversely proportional to their energy schematizing a screened Coulomb interaction. We consider both the equilibrium (microcanonical) and(More)
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