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This paper presents the integration of a sub-melt laser annealing technique in a 45 nm CMOS technology platform. To enhance the activation of transistors gates and source/drain junctions, ms anneal as dynamic surface anneal (DSA) is added to conventional low temperature spike process. The aim of this new integration scheme is to significantly increase the(More)
The psychodermogalvanogram is a modern electrographical procedure whose main function depends upon a Wheatstone Bridge set at a constant voltage and with variations of intensity set up in direct relation to the conductivity of the skin. The spontaneous psychodermogalvanogram (SPDG) makes it possible to evaluate patients that could be either of a: a) normal(More)
Local thermal variation occurring during light enhanced rapid thermal process (RTP) and millisecond anneals called “pattern effects” have various origin, with more or less impact as function of the used process. The main issues concern the variation of thermal conductivity and the variation of the light absorption by optical interference or(More)
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