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Climate from borehole data: Energy fluxes and temperatures since 1500
[1] Variations in the Earth's surface energy balance are recorded in the ground as perturbations of the subsurface thermal regime. Here I apply singular value decomposition (SVD) inversion methods toExpand
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Looking deeper: An investigation of soil carbon losses following harvesting from a managed northeastern red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) forest chronosequence
Forest harvesting in eastern North America has been occurring for centuries but its effect on soil carbon storage and dynamics below 20 cm is not well known. This paper investigates age-relatedExpand
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Simulation and inversion of borehole temperature profiles in surrogate climates: Spatial distribution and surface coupling
A heat-conduction forward model driven by ground surface temperature from three 1000-year climate simulations with the state-of-the-art ECHO-g model has been used to simulate underground temperatureExpand
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On the relationship between ground temperature histories and meteorological records: a report on the Pomquet station
Abstract An experimental air–ground climate station is operating in Pomquet, Nova Scotia, monitoring meteorological (surface air temperatures at three heights, wind velocity and direction, incomingExpand
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Continental heat gain in the global climate system
[1] Recent estimates have shown the heat gained by the ocean, atmosphere, and cryosphere as 18.2 · 1022 J, 6.6 · 1021 J, and 8.1 · 1021 J, respectively over the past half-century. However, the heatExpand
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Carbon dioxide in soil profiles: Production and temperature dependence
The temperature dependance of soil respiration has most commonly been addressed using surface flux data, despite the fact that surface flux measurements implicate CO 2 transport and storage effectsExpand
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Subsurface thermal effects of land use changes
[1] The International Heat Flow Commission global geothermal data set contains over 10,000 borehole temperature logs worldwide. Only about 10% of these data are currently used for climate studiesExpand
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Ground warming patterns in the Northern Hemisphere during the last five centuries
Abstract Changes in the Earth's surface energy balance recorded underground were used to reconstruct the temperature of the ground surface for the last 500 years in the Northern Hemisphere. WeExpand
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Soil Profile CO2 concentrations in forested and clear cut sites in Nova Scotia, Canada
Subsurface soil CO2 concentration is an important component of the terrestrial C budget and site specific information on the spatial and temporal variability and how it responds to forest managementExpand
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Ground surface temperatures in Canada: Spatial and temporal variability
[1] Past changes in the Earth's surface energy balance are recorded in the ground as perturbations of the subsurface thermal regime. Here we reconstruct ground surface temperature histories (GSTH)Expand
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