Hugo A. Mitre-Hernández

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During the last years many laws have been promulgated in diverse countries to protect citizens’ privacy. This fact is due to the increase of privacy threats caused by the tendency of using information technologies in all scopes. Location Based Services (LBS) compose a situation where this privacy can be harmed. Even there exist mechanisms to protect this(More)
The Game Design Document (GDD) plays a key role in the design phase of every game development. A poorly elaborated GDD can lead to rework and loss of investment in production and postproduction phases. To address these issues, an analysis of several available GDDs found in the literature was performed, contrasting our findings with the best practices from(More)
Strategic management is a key discipline that permits companies to achieve their competitive goals. An effective and explicit alignment and integration of business strategy with SPI initiatives based on measurement is essential to prevent loss of income, customers and competitiveness. By integrating SPI models and measurement techniques in the strategy(More)
Software organizations are moving to a process oriented approach to develop its products. Many improvement technologies have emerged as a response in a multimodel environment. The term improvement technology is used to refer in general to the long list of reference models, standards, best practices, regulatory policies and other types of practices that an(More)
Knowledge Management (KM) is an approach to achieving strategic objectives by visualizing, sharing, and using intangible resources of an organization and its stakeholders. There are many studies that analyze specific factors for the successful implementation of KM programs, and the evaluation of such factors is considered a strategic tool for Public(More)
The growing capabilities and revenues of video game development are important factors for software companies. However, game development processes could be considered immature, specifically in the design phase. Ambiguous requirements in game design cause rework. User-eXperience (UX) is usually assessed at the end of the development process, causing(More)
A learning Object (LO) is any entity that can be used, reused or guided for learning supported by technology. In the literature there are evaluation methods that considers aspects of design and presentation of LO; however, these methods are not automated, since they are based on instruments and expert opinions. This article describes an evaluation technique(More)