Hugo A. D. do Nascimento

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We investigate the new problem of automatic metro map layout. In general, a metro map consists of a set of lines which have intersections or overlaps. We define a set of aesthetic criteria for good metro map layouts and present a method to produce such layouts automatically. Our method uses a variation of the spring algorithm with a suitable preprocessing(More)
We describe here a collection of heuristics for producing " nice "-drawings of directed graphs, and a simple dual-mode software tool for testing and evaluating them. In playing mode, the heuristics are applied in random sequence over a set of drawings, in the manner of an asynchronous team (A-team). As new drawings are added to the set, others are deleted(More)
The Map Labelling Problem appears in several applications, mainly in Cartography. Although much research on this problem has been done, it is interesting to note that map-labelling processes in commercial fields are very often executed manually or with little support of automatic tools. In general, practical map-labelling problems involve human subjective(More)
This paper presents a user-driven genetic algorithm for directed graph drawing. An interactive framework is considered where users can focus the algorithm on regions of the drawing that need major improvement, or include domain knowledge as layout constraints. The paper describes how focus and user constraints are managed by the genetic algorithm. The(More)