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The first atmospheric Cherenkov telescope of VERITAS (the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System) has been in operation since February 2005. We present here a technical description of the instrument and a summary of its performance. The calibration methods are described, along with the results of Monte Carlo simulations of the telescope and(More)
  • Fedor, Hughes, Kapikian, Masterson, Roncoli, Fern - Pollak
  • 2013
In this study, we utilised intervention as a key method to investigate causal theories of word-finding difficulties. Two convergent methodologies were used. First, in two case studies of children with WFD, we evaluated the relationship between the specific pattern of difficulties and the most effective behavioural intervention. Second, in order to focus on(More)
  • Paul Van Den Noort, Keith Altrocchi, +36 authors Peter Wong
  • 2003
Digital EEG techniques have grown rapidly in popularity for recording, reviewing, and storing EEG. Digital EEG recordings are flexible in the way they display the EEG tracings, unlike analog paper EEG. Montage, filter, and gain settings can be changed retrospectively during record review. Quantitative EEG (QEEG) analysis techniques can provide additional(More)
Monoclonal antibodies reactive with NIH/3T3 cell surface antigens were obtained from hybridomas of murine myeloma cells fused to spleen cells of rats immunized with NIH/3T3 cell plasma membranes. Four of the antibodies, of forty that have been studied, appeared to react with allospecific antigenic determinants: they bound to NIH/3T3 cells but not to BALB/(More)
Women continue to be underrepresented in politics. A contemporary focus on inequality, however, belies the remarkable changes that have occurred in women’s political representation, participation, and impact over time. Thus, scholars are increasingly calling for longitudinal theory and research that focuses on change across time. In this essay, we advocate(More)
Patients with post-stroke hemiplegia may have impaired upper limb function related to motor control, weakness and spasticity. Evidence has shown that robotic therapy or Functional Electrical Stimulation can improve impairment levels and possibly function. To date there has been limited research into possible benefits gained by combining the two techniques.(More)
The magnitude of vernal kerato conjunctivitis is unknown in Mali. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence and the clinical features of this disease among children. We carried out a cross-sectional study among children from 0 to 15 years old. Of a total of 322 patients examined 37.27% (n=120) had vernal kerato conjunctivitis. About the(More)