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  • Abbott Ra, Macdonald D, +25 authors Shandga Li
  • 2006
Acknowledgments The HKQ Steering Committee provided advice guidance and support relating to all aspects of the survey. The Steering and Project Committee are very grateful to the school systems, schools, teachers, students and their families who so enthusiastically embraced this project. Table 11 Comparison of umbilicus waist circumference (cm) centiles in(More)
Images taken during the animation of the Voronoi algorithm.support a high-level organization of the time and event flow as our approach does with behavior groups based on a time and event layout. Other related systems are TBAG and UGA. TBAG is based on a functional approach. Similar to our approach, TBAG integrates constraints and graphical abstract data(More)
(1) Legislative update. Clarified the comment by the Governor regarding merit. It was stated at the town hall meeting of last week that merit was referring to only step increases for state employees. However, this was clarified since the town hall. The Governor was in fact referring to actual merit increases for all. The problem is that the merit is likely(More)
patterns of Pakistani adults and their associations with sociodemographic, anthropometric and lifestyle factors.Edwards JW. 2014. Early life emotional, physical and sexual abuse and the development of premenstrual syndrome.reactive protein and depression in persons with Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection. Brain, Behavior and Immunity 42:89-95.(More)
We are especially grateful to the NDESC members and participating dairy producers for donating their time and expertise to the task of producing this report. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this report are those of the members of the National Dairy Environmental Stewardship Council (NDESC). They should not be interpreted as representing either the(More)
Women continue to be underrepresented in politics. A contemporary focus on inequality, however, belies the remarkable changes that have occurred in women's political representation, participation, and impact over time. Thus, scholars are increasingly calling for longitudinal theory and research that focuses on change across time. In this essay, we advocate(More)
Foreword The increasing importance accorded to governance issues in recent times highlights the realization that`Governance Matters'. It matters to the policy makers who create the architecture and institutions within which governing structures function. It matters to the service providers as it influences the incentive structure within which they render(More)
  • Bradshaw Sd, Dixon Kw, +7 authors Hughes
  • 2011
Little evidence for fire-adapted plant traits in Mediterranean climate regions. The hairy problem of epigenetics in evolution It has long been suspected that epigenetic mechanisms could contribute to heritable phenotypic variation, and thus to the diversity and evolutionary potential of natural populations recently hosted an inter-disciplinary gathering of(More)
  • Rebecca Boxx, Valerie Greenhill, +21 authors Hughes
  • 2013
Mainstream education has traditionally put an emphasis on mastery of core academic content, particularly since the inception of " No Child Left Behind. " However, emerging research is demonstrating that other, non-content competencies are important to success in school and career. The Strive Network is focused on supporting this full range of competencies(More)