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Beyond Progress: An Interpretive Odyssey to the Future
In this portrait of the human community as it enters the 21st century, the author argues that in a world of dwindling resources, economic inequality and unremitting violence, the belief in endlessExpand
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The Emerging Future and the Bureaucratic Mind
ject of this essay, all but one were written before the events of September 1 1 . Collectively, they illustrate the thinking of current and former government officials charged with pondering theExpand
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The Graying of NATO
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Seizing the Moment
The Future of Strategy
Conflicting Images of the USSR: American Career Diplomats and the Balkans, 1944-1946
Recent studies of the role American Foreign Service officers played in the shaping of post-World War II U.S. policy vis-a-vis the Soviet Union have portrayed them either as adherents of cooperationExpand
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Mutualism: An American Strategy for the Next Century
President Clinton likes to talk about building bridges to the 21st century, but there is no construction gang on the scene. The truth of the matter is that, nearly a decade since the end of the ColdExpand
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