Hugh Vanlandingham

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The study started with the requirement that a photovoltaic (PV) power source should be integrated with other supplementary power sources whether it operates in a stand-alone or grid-connected mode. First, fuel cells for a backup of varying PV power were compared in detail with batteries and were found to have more operational benefits. Next, maximizing(More)
(ABSTRACT) One of today's most serious social, economical and environmental problems is traffic congestion. In addition to the financial cost of the problem, the number of traffic related injuries and casualties is very high. A recently considered approach to increase safety while reducing congestion and improving driving conditions is Automated Highway(More)
(Abstract) The recent development of the impulse/summation approach for efficient B-spline computation in the discrete domain should increase the use of B-splines in many applications. Because we show here how the impulse/summation approach can also be used for constructing polynomials, the approach with a search table approach for the inverse square root(More)
(ABSTRACT) Ship-mounted cranes are used to transfer cargo from large container ships to smaller lighters when deep-water ports are not available. The wave-induced motion of the crane ship produces large pendulations of hoisted cargo and causes operations to be suspended. In this work, we show that in boom type ship-mounted cranes, it is possible to reduce(More)
—A herding dog and sheep problem is studied where the agent " dog " is considered the control action for moving the agent " sheep " to a fixed location using the dynamics of their interaction. The problem is solved for the deterministic case using dynamic programming. Proofs are provided for the correctness of the algorithms. The algorithm is analyzed for(More)
A method of nonlinear stochastic control is applied to the problem of providing set-point control. The procedure is illustrated for a nonlinear second-order plant. The controller design uses a variation of the "multiple-model adaptive control" approach. Specific problems related to the design are investigated, including learning time and set-point accuracy(More)
(ABSTRACT) Reducing the operating costs of chemical processes is very beneficial in decreasing a company's bottom line numbers. Since chemical processes are usually run in steady-state for long periods of time, saving a few dollars an hour can have significant long term effects. However, the complexity involved in most chemical processes from nonlinear(More)