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Greek Mathematical Astronomy Reconsidered
Recent investigations have thrown new light on such topics as the early Greek belief in heliocentricity, the relation between Greek and Babylonian astronomy, the reliability of Ptolemy's Syntaxis,Expand
Early Greek Solstices and Equinoxes
How did the early Greeks find the times of solstices and equinoxes?
The Astronomy of Āryabhaṭa
Indian astronomy is a substantial subject in its own right, arising in early antiquity, when it was closely bound up with the Vedic religion. Many astronomical treatises were written over theExpand
A Mayan Table of Eclipses
A table in the Dresden Codex (pages 51 to 58) consists essentially of69 columns. Each column consists, after a pair ofnon-astronomical glyphs, ofa number, three consecutive dates in the Maya calendarExpand
Hugh Champneys Thurston
  • Hugh Thurston
  • Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal ()
  • 1 December 1919
Hugh Thurston was born on March 14th, 1862. He was the son of the late 0. E. Thurston of Kington, near Thornbury, and joined the old Bristol Medical School in the late seventies, where he took aExpand
On the Orientation of Early Egyptian Pyramids
Greek and Indian planetary longitudes
Three Solar Longitudes in the Almagest Due to Hipparchus
Chapters 3 and 5 ofBook 5 ofPtolemy's Almagest cite three timed solar longitudes attributed to Hipparchus, which Ptolemy corrected to agree with the solar motion in the Almagest. Perhaps theseExpand
Eclipses in the Americas