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Effects of Asset Securitization on Seller Claimants
Abstract This study analyzes effects on debt and equity claimants of asset sales into securitizations. Shareholders' returns are increasing in shareholder capitalization. Average losses toExpand
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Savings and loan ownership structure and expense-preference
Abstract This note demonstrates that the conclusion of the Akella and Greenbaum (1988) study that managers of mutual S&Ls exhibit more expense-preference behavior than managers of stockholder-ownedExpand
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Seasonality and cultural influences on four Asian stock markets
We use daily returns to identify seasonality on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE), The Stock Exchange, Bombay (SEB), the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) and The Stock Exchange of ThailandExpand
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A preliminary look at gains from asset securitization
Abstract This paper conducts tests of stockholder and bondholder wealth changes upon the securitization of non-government guaranteed assets for 236 transactions during the years 1991–1996. It findsExpand
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The integration of bank syndicated loan and junk bond markets
This paper hypothesizes that the special role of banks as corporate quasi-insiders has been changing due to developments in informational, legal and institutional infrastructures of syndicated loanExpand
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Factor price misspecification in bank cost function estimation
Abstract Many studies of bank productivity implicitly assume that banks face imperfect factor markets in accessing labor and capital such that, in renting the same factor of production, at the sameExpand
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Interpreting the internal ratings-based capital requirements in Basel II
This paper describes the theoretical and institutional background to the formula specified by the Bank for International Settlements Basel Committee on Banking's internal-ratings based (IRB) approachExpand
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Developing Video-Enhanced Pedagogical Cases in Service Leadership
The paper describes how CUHK is developing video-assisted case sets (Cases) as part of the Service Leadership Initiative (SLI). Cases can be effective in supplementing traditional lecture-basedExpand
Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong
Kong is traditionally a globaly entrepreneurial open city adjacent to one of the most industrially productive regions of the world, the Pearl River Delta of China. Recent political, economic andExpand
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