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We introduce a theory of jeu de taquin for increasing tableaux, extending fundamental work of [Schützenberger '77] for standard Young tableaux. We apply this to give a new combinatorial rule for the K-theory Schubert calculus of Grassmannians via K-theoretic jeu de taquin, providing an alternative to the rules of [Buch '02] and others. This rule naturally(More)
In this paper, starting with a simply laced root system, we define a tri-angulated category which we call the m-cluster category, and we show that it encodes the combinatorics of the m-clusters of Fomin and Reading in a fashion similar to the way the cluster category of Buan, Marsh, Reineke, Reiten, and Todorov encodes the combinatorics of the clusters of(More)
BACKGROUND We have previously shown that high fat (HF) feeding during pregnancy primes the development of non-alcoholic steatohepatits (NASH) in the adult offspring. However, the underlying mechanisms are unclear. AIMS Since the endogenous molecular clock can regulate hepatic lipid metabolism, we investigated whether exposure to a HF diet during(More)