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The regular meiotic behaviour of the cultivated oat Avena sativa (2n=6x=42) is genetically controlled. The factors which control the diploid-like meiotic behaviour also restrict the amount of pairing that occurs between alien chromosomes and their homoeologues in A.sativa, and hence increases the difficulties of introducing desirable variation from wild(More)
We introduce a theory of jeu de taquin for increasing tableaux, extending fundamental work of [Schützenberger '77] for standard Young tableaux. We apply this to give a new combinatorial rule for the K-theory Schubert calculus of Grassmannians via K-theoretic jeu de taquin, providing an alternative to the rules of [Buch '02] and others. This rule naturally(More)
The distribution of distances between homologous chromosomes in root tip cells of Avena sativa was studied in synaptic and asynaptic genotypes. The distances between homologous chromosomes were smaller than that calculated for two randomly distributed chromosomes, while non-homologous chromosomes did not deviate from the random theoretical distribution. The(More)
The cytogenetic structure of the cultivated oat has been studied using aneuploids. The chromosome pairing observed in pentaploid hybrids between the tetraploid species A. magna and telocentric lines of A. sativa show that the occurrence of multivalents in the hybrid are in part due to chromosomal differentiation. Nullisomic tetrasomic compensation studies(More)