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During a double-blind study of two years' cytotoxic chemotherapy with busulphan or cyclophosphamide in patients who had had resection of carcinoma of the bronchus the long-term effects of these two drugs were also studied. Four of the 243 patients treated with busulphan developed leukaemia compared with none of the 234 treated with cyclophosphamide and none(More)
BACKGROUND The relationships between severity of neuropsychological (NP) deficits and quantity and duration of alcoholic drinking remain controversial. Eckardt et al. (1998) proposed that NP deficits can be observed only if chronicity of alcohol abuse equals or exceeds 10 years. In this study we tested the hypothesis of Eckardt et al. and reexamined the(More)
This report from the Tuberculosis Chemotherapy Centre, Madras, summarizes the progress over a 5-year period of 193 patients with newly diagnosed, sputum-positive pulmonary tuberculosis who were admitted to a concurrent comparison of home and sanatorium treatment for one year with isoniazid plus PAS. Previous reports have shown that, despite the traditional(More)
This report is the last of a series of nine publications from the Tuberculosis Chemotherapy Centre, Madras, concerning various aspects of an investigation of the role of ambulatory chemotherapy for pulmonary tuberculosis. It presents the attack rates of tuberculosis over a 5-year period of follow-up of close family contacts of patients, all of whom were(More)
Gross deterioration of cycloserine during transit and storage in the tropics is reported from the Tuberculosis Chemotherapy Centre, Madras. Laboratory experiments suggest that high humidity, rather than high temperature, is the main cause of the deterioration. Further investigations undertaken at the Centre indicate that deterioration can be prevented by(More)