Hugh Seeley

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The accuracy of the Nellcor N-101 pulse oximeter has been evaluated in adult patients receiving general anaesthesia or intensive care. Readings obtained noninvasively with this instrument were compared with measurements made on arterial blood using a Radiometer OSM2 oximeter. The pulse oximeter was easy to use and within the range tested (70-100 percent(More)
Measurements of ventilation and of inspired gas composition were made while volunteers breathed a non-anaesthetic gas through a Bain anaesthetic system. It was found that rebreathing occurred when the fresh gas flow was between two-and-a-half and three times the minute volume. Fresh gas flows at least three times the minute volume appear to be necessary to(More)
The Lack anaesthetic system is a coaxial modification of the Magill circuit. The resistance of the system was found to be unacceptably high. When air was administered through the system to spontaneously breathing trained volunteers, marked evidence of rebreathing was present when fresh gas flow equalled minute volume. It is suggested that a fresh gas glow(More)
A theoretical analysis has been performed to show the interrelationships between alveolar carbon dioxide concentration, carbon dioxide output, alveolar ventilation and fresh gas flow during controlled ventilation with the Mapleson D system. The model and forms of equation used have been substantiated by experiments in which dogs were ventilated through a(More)
  • H F Seeley
  • 1987
Following massive blood loss a number of compensatory mechanisms are activated which are remarkably successful for a limited period. Ultimately the functions of many organs are affected, leading to a vicious circle of impaired cardiac performance and oxygen delivery. The only therapeutic manoeuvre of proven benefit in man is early restoration of circulating(More)
Using a mechanical model and human subjects a new spirometer based on fluidistor principles was evaluated. At normal minute volumes the fluidistor was accurate to within +/-5% when compared with a Bernstein spirometer. It underread at low volumes and overread at high. Prolonged expiratory time constant as well as the use of gas with low density increased(More)
Assessment and appraisal of those in specialist train-learning process for repetitive skills and uniform performance whereas education develops an ack-ing are currently subjects of prolonged debate in the United Kingdom. Many of those responsible for edu-nowledgement and understanding of complexity and uncertainty [4]. cation and training in anaesthesia(More)