Hugh Ross

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Since the SP method is sensitive to primary flows, such as heat flow or fluid flow, it has been used often to detect or monitor geothermal systems. Forward and inverse modeling, hopefully in three-dimensions, is important to fully assess the information content of these data. Three-dimensional (3D) forward modeling is a straightforward generalization of a(More)
For physical life to be possible in the universe, several characteristics must take on specific values, and these are listed below. 1 In the case of several of these characteristics, and given the intricacy of their interrelationships, the indication of divine "fine tuning" seems incontrovertible. 1. Strong nuclear force constant 2. Weak nuclear force(More)
Leptin, the gene product of adipose tissue that signals caloric plentitude via central nervous system receptors, may also have diverse peripheral metabolic actions. Of paramount interest has been the potential interaction(s) between leptin and insulin. Insofar as insulin alters leptin secretion/action (or vice versa), dysregulation of this system could(More)
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