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A coupled system of wind, wind wave, and coastal circulation models has been implemented for southern Louisiana and Mississippi to simulate riverine flows, tides, wind waves, and hurricane storm surge in the region. The system combines the NOAA Hurricane Research Division Wind Analysis System (H*WIND) and the Interactive Objective Kinematic Analysis (IOKA)(More)
Southern Louisiana is characterized by low-lying topography and an extensive network of sounds, bays, marshes, lakes, rivers, and inlets that permit widespread inundation during hurricanes. A basin-to channel-scale implementation of the Advanced Circulation (ADCIRC) unstructured grid hydrodynamic model has been developed that accurately simulates hurricane(More)
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were powerful storms that impacted southern Louisiana and Mississippi during the 2005 hurricane season. In Part I, the authors describe and validate a high-resolution coupled riverine flow, tide, wind, wave, and storm surge model for this region. Herein, the model is used to examine the evolution of these hurricanes in more(More)
Hairdressers are one of the largest groups affected by occupational contact dermatitis. In this population-based study, 193 trainee hairdressers and 184 practising hairdressers each completed a questionnaire and had their hands examined. Participants were asked about past or present atopy including eczema, asthma or hayfever, which occurred in 59.2%, and(More)
Occupational contact dermatitis is common amongst hairdressers. In this population-based study, 193 trainee hairdressers and 184 practising hairdressers completed a questionnaire detailing their knowledge of skin hazards, the skills they practised and the frequency of glove use. Knowledge of skin hazards was poor in both groups. While up to 70% of(More)
We present a case series of 25 paediatric patients with refractory discoid eczema treated with methotrexate. Patients were commenced on either 5 mg or 10 mg of methotrexate per week. Sixteen patients (64%) completely cleared their eczema after an average of 10.5 months of methotrexate therapy. A further three patients (12%) have responded well and are(More)
A 40-year-old woman presented with a prolonged history of recurrent crops of erythematous papules and nodules on her abdomen, arms and legs. Histological examination of a cutaneous biopsy revealed Type A lymphomatoid papulosis. Over a 3-year period, some of the patient's lesions had proven to be resistant to treatment with topical and intralesional(More)
[1] Hurricane Ike (2008) made landfall near Galveston, Texas, as a moderate intensity storm. Its large wind field in conjunction with the Louisiana-Texas coastline's broad shelf and large scale concave geometry generated waves and surge that impacted over 1000 km of coastline. Ike's complex and varied wave and surge response physics included: the capture of(More)
A severe cutaneous eruption in an unwell patient can be a major cause of physician anxiety. With numerous differential diagnoses, an early accurate diagnosis can be challenging. infectious causes are the most important to exclude in a timely manner and drug rash and eosinophilia with systemic symptoms (DRESS) is another differential diagnosis that should be(More)