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An echo lagging shortly after a source and arising from another direction perceptually blends with the source, and the location of the fused 'source-echo' is dominated by the source location (the Precedence Effect). The neural substrates underlying the echo localization suppression are ambiguous. We recently suggested an auditory evoked potentials correlate(More)
The complex of five waves, which are the responses to click stimuli of the auditory nerve and the brainstem auditory nuclei, were recorded in ten human subjects by means of earlobe and scalp electrodes. The rate of the stimuli was varied from 5/s to 80/s and their intensity was varied over a 70 dB intensity range in order to study the rate and intensity(More)
UNLABELLED Standards, including IEC 60479-1 and -2, provide current-based ventricular fibrillation thresholds (VFT) for stimuli durations between 0.1 ms and 10 s. It has been established that the amount of electrical charge, not the current calculated by root-mean-square, is most representative of the effects of cardiac stimulation. There are no unified(More)
1. Giant interneurons of the cockroachPeriplaneta americana show reduced responsiveness, for up to 800 ms, following activation by sound via their cereal inputs. The reduction in responsiveness is evident when tested either by a sound test stimulus, or by electrical stimulation of the cereal nerve. 2. Afferent axons of cereal filiform hair sensilla exhibit(More)
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