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This article seeks to explore the centrality and reality of partnerships or partnership working in current British social policy. The article will investigate the rhetoric and reality of partnerships using research based on the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnerships (EYDCPs) as an exemplar to critically question whether partnerships have become(More)
The use of charcoal as a soil amendment and for CO2 sequestration raises many questions about the characteristics of those " biochars " and their impacts on soils and organisms. This paper reviews and revises the analyses of the principal characteristics used to distinguish biochars, and presents a small survey of measured properties. Explicit terminology(More)
For the past decade nurse education has incorporated service user and carer perspectives into their programme and research agendas. Moving from rhetoric to the reality of embedding adult service user and carer knowledge into nurse education this paper discusses how this good practice was extended to young people under the age of 18. Globally, the mental(More)
This article focuses on the governance and ethical conduct of research within the domain of social work and social care. Globally, research in this domain appears less well regulated than those in the domains of health care. Within the United Kingdom, the Westminster government is implementing a Research Governance Framework for Social Care in England (RGF(More)