Hugh Lavallee

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A patient with autosomal dominant (Type III) von Willebrand's disease (vWd) developed acquired haemophilia post-operatively, possibly due to exposure to amoxycillin. She refused porcine factor VIII (pFVIII) on religious grounds and was managed successfully with recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) together with highly purified von Willebrand factor(More)
The "little-league" is an important feature of the North American scene, young boys vying vigorously with one another for places on age-categorized icehockey, "football", and baseball teams that compete in municipal, regional and even provincial leagues. The system has been criticized on a number of counts, including the possible psychological risks of(More)
The "unisex phantom" tactic of Ross and associates attempts to examine proportional growth, expressing body measurements relative to a phantom created from arbitrary mean dimensions and the observed coefficients of variation for an arbitrary sample of adult men and women. Fundamental assumptions of the model are (1) that data treated in unisex fashion have(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the impact of an enhanced physical education programme upon the growth and development of static and dynamic lung volumes of primary schoolchildren. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Quasi-experimental three factor design (treatment x gender x urban vs rural environment) with students evaluated over each of 6 years of primary school. SETTING Entire(More)
The possible limitation that cohort effects could impose upon the interpretation of longitudinal research has been examined, taking data on the standing height and the maximal oxygen intake of 546 primary school students participating in the Trois Rivières mixed-longitudinal study of enhanced physical education programs (295 experimental and 251 control(More)
The value of field performance tests in the assessment of a programme of enhanced physical education has been examined in a 3-factor study of students over all 6 primary school grades. The enhanced programme under review offered a one hour of required physical education daily from age 7 to 12 years, taught by a specialist physical educator. Control students(More)