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We study human learning in a individual choice laboratory task called Orange Juice Futures price forecasting OJF, in which subjects must implicitly learn the coeecients of two independent variables in a stationary linear stochastic process. The 99 subjects each forecast in 480 trials with feedback after each trial. Learning is tracked for each subject by(More)
Scale issues have significant implications for the analysis of social and biophysical processes in complex systems. These same scale implications are likewise considerations for the design and application of models of landcover change. Scale issues have wide-ranging effects from the representativeness of data used to validate models to aggregation errors(More)
For many years psychological studies of the learning process have used a simulated medical diagnosis task in which symptom configurations are probabilistically related to diseases. Participants are given a set of symptoms and asked to indicate which disease is present, and feedback is given on each trial. We enrich this standard laboratory task in four(More)
We explore the special outcomes of decision-making through two laboratory-based experiments, one with a homogenous land suitability surface and another with a heterogeneous suitability surface. Subjects make resource allocation decisions on an abstract landscape and are given a monetary incentive to maximize their revenue during the experiment. These(More)
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