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This report describes a case of d-lactic acidosis observed by the authors and then reviews all case reports of d-lactic acidosis in the literature in order to define its clinical and biochemical features and pathogenetic mechanisms. The report also reviews the literature on metabolism of d-lactic acid in humans. The clinical presentation of d-lactic(More)
The proper approach to diagnosis and management in patients with a first episode of a calcium-containing kidney stone is controversial, and we have reviewed the literature in a search for objective information. Six large retrospective studies show the "natural cumulative recurrence rate of renal stones" to be 14% at 1 year, 35% at 5 years, and 52% at 10(More)
A group of patients whose dietary potassium was unrestricted and who received 12-18 h of Kiil dialysis twice weekly against a bath containing no potassium, had body potassium concentrations (total body potassium/intracellular volume) of 7.6% lower than normal. Despite marked hypokalemia at the end of dialysis, suprisingly few electrocardiographic changes(More)
The purpose of the present investigation was to determine whether dexamethasone, an agent known to preserve the blood-brain barrier, and colchicine, an agent that impairs mobilization of macrophages, can prevent demyelinating lesions associated with rapid correction of hyponatremia in the experimental animal. Hyponatremia was induced in rats with Pitressin(More)