Hugh J. Anderson

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With a theoretical link between stent insertion and increased risk of tumour seeding, there is concern about long-term survival after the use of self-expanding metallic stents (SEMS) as a “bridge to surgery” in the treatment of left-sided obstructing colorectal cancer. This cohort study aims to determine if preoperative stenting adversely affects long-term(More)
INTRODUCTION We report a case of acute pancreatitis complicating an endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR). REPORT A seventy three year old man underwent an EVAR and developed acute onset epigastric pain, followed by mottling of the upper abdominal wall. A raised amylase confirmed the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. DISCUSSION To our(More)
Background: Self-expanding metal stents (SEMS) are a recognized means of palliating large bowel obstruction due to colonic neoplasia. The literature mainly relates to the use of modified esophageal stents (expanded diameter, 18–22 mm) in the colorectum. Stent migration has been a common complication and may be related to expanded stent diameter. This series(More)
The aim of this study is to report our experience gained after attempted colonic stenting for colonic obstruction from extracolonic cancer. This is a retrospective study of all patients who had attempted colonic stenting for obstructing extracolonic cancer in a district general hospital from November 1998 to November 2008. During the study period, a total(More)
Herniography has been shown to be useful in the detection of occult groin hernias in patients with a history of groin pain. We performed a retrospective review to assess our experience of this investigation. The notes of 170 patients who underwent herniography between 1995 and 2004 were reviewed. The results of herniography and subsequent treatment and(More)
Aneurysms of the extracranial portion of the internal carotid artery are rare, particularly in young patients. They usually develop following trauma, or secondary to infection involving the parapharyngeal space that extends to the vessel wall. This is a case of an internal carotid artery aneurysm presenting acutely following chiropractic neck manipulation(More)
Pseudoaneurysms of the cystic artery secondary to calculus cholecystitis are rare. In this report we describe a case of an elderly female who presented with abdominal pain, pyrexia, anaemia and jaundice. She had known chronic cholecystitis, but was not considered a suitable surgical candidate. Contrast enhanced computed tomography (CECT) demonstrated a(More)
use of endoscopic therapy for bleeding proximal esophageal varices. We present a case of a previously healthy 66-year-old female with a six-month history of progressive swelling of her head, neck, and both arms. She was a current forty-pack year smoker and a detailed review of systems was normal. Her medical history was unremarkable. The physical exam was(More)