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Plant sensitivity to warming can be expressed as β or the number of days of advance in leafing or flowering events per 1 °C of Mean Annual Temperature (MAT) change. Many local studies demonstrate that β estimates for spring flowering species are usually larger than estimates for plants flowering in summer or fall. Until now, however, neither observational(More)
During the mid 1980’s the U. S. Army established the Corps Battle Simulation (CBS) as a standard tool for training commanders and their staffs. The CBS’s architecture is typical of constructive training built during that era. It primarily models high intensity conflict in traditional theaters of operation. The technologies used in its construction reflect(More)
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Implementation of EPA's Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rules (DBPR) in Northern Kentucky will cause a water rate increase of over 25%. Hence a review was undertaken, considering both economics and science in the context of President Obama's 2009 scientific integrity directive. The rules purport to avoid up to 0.49% of new bladder cancers by reducing the(More)
US military forces now face asymmetric military operations. Management of relationships with civilians is often crucial to success. Local population groups can provide critical intelligence or be sources of increasingly violent insurgent activity. A variety of organizations that are neither citizens nor military forces complicate the scenario. Mission(More)
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