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In the use of non-antibody proteins as affinity reagents, diversity has generally been derived from oligonucleotide-encoded random amino acids. Although specific binders of high-affinity have been selected from such libraries, random oligonucleotides often encode stop codons and amino acid combinations that affect protein folding. Recently it has been shown(More)
Filamentous phage display has been extensively used to select proteins with binding properties of specific interest. Although many different display platforms using filamentous phage have been described, no comprehensive comparison of their abilities to display similar proteins has been conducted. This is particularly important for the display of(More)
The levels of NAI)(P)H:(quinone-acceptor) oxidoreductase (EC.1.6. 99.2) (DT-diaphorase) mRNA and enzyme activity have been studied in paired human normal lung and non-small cell lung tumor samples from patients with a history of cigarette smoking. There were significantly higher levels of DT-diaphorase mRNA (1.2 kilobases) in lung tumor com pared to normal(More)
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