Hugh F. Schmidt

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Although multicentric glioblastomas are relatively rare, their occurrence is not an extreme rarity. A multicentric lesion should always be thought of when the symptoms cannot be related to a single focus and when the special investigations do not confirm a single lesion. In our opinion the brain scintigram and the computer tomogram offer the best diagnostic(More)
OBJECTIVES 1) To examine overall trends in Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) mortality in Wisconsin from 1979 to 1998 to assess progress toward Wisconsin's "Public Health Agenda for the Year 2000" goal; and 2) to compare the trends in mortality rates due to CHD by race, gender, and age groups between the periods of 1979-1983 and 1994-1998. METHODS Mortality(More)
The aim of gait rehabilitation is a restoration of an independent gait and improvement of daily life walking functions. Therefore the specific patterns, that are to be relearned, must be practiced to stimulate the learning process of the central nervous system (CNS). The Walking Simulator HapticWalker allows for the training of arbitrary gait trajectories(More)
In this work, we discuss and demonstrate the principle features of surface acoustic wave (SAW) aerosol generation, based on the properties of the fluid supply, the acoustic wave field and the acoustowetting phenomena. Furthermore, we demonstrate a compact SAW-based aerosol generator amenable to mass production fabricated using simple techniques including(More)
For clarifying the question with respect to the different incidence in various animal strains of the formation of cerebral tumours 10 BD II and Wistar rats were given methyl-nitrosourea (a weekly amount of 5 mg per kg of life-weight over a period of 35 weeks). After an average of 398 and 367 days half the number of animals in each group showed cerebral(More)
A glioblastoma was induced in BD-II rats by weekly i.v. injections of methylnitrosourea and transplanted intracerebrally in numerous passages. The take rate was 100%. For the experiments with CCNU, solid pieces of tumour were implanted into the right parietal region. The cytostatically treated animals lived significantly longer. The untreated tumour rats(More)
In a young man with Recklinghausen's disease a large dextral wing-of-sphenoid meningioma and a spinal meningioma were extirpated at an interval of one month. A couple of months later further interventions were necessary because of a bilateral acoustic neurinoma. The patient's mother had multiple intracranial meningiomas and also a bilateral acoustic(More)
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