Hugh F. Fitzpatrick

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A method of vascular catheterization is presented in which small polyvinyl catheters are introduced into peripheral vessels through 18 to 21 gage needles and then advanced into the central vascular bed. This technic has been utilized in the study of hemodynamic events occurring in the central arterial vessels in man. The results obtained from 31 arterial(More)
Forty-eight esophagastric resections performed for cancer of the esophagus and cardia resulted in a five-year survival rate of four per cent. An operative mortality rate of 23%, comparable to that reported by others, diminishes the value of esophagogastrectomy even for palliation. Nutritional depletion, commonly found in these patients, contributes(More)
1. Glucocorticoids have been empirically employed during perfusion preservation of transplantable organs. 2. Use of corticosteroids in organ preservation is based on their pharmocologic binding of released lysosomal enzymes, as membrane stabilizers, peripheral vasodilators, and inhibitors of the inflammatory response. 3. The incidence post-transplant of ATN(More)