Hugh Burley

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The data collection system described in a previous study has been used to analyze some of the results of treatment of 352 consecutive admissions to the Spinal Injuries Unit, Austin Hospital. The results indicate that the basically conservative approach to the management of the spinal injury, supplemented by surgery in selected cases, appears to be(More)
Analysis of 628 consecutive admissions to the Spinal Injuries Unit, Austin Hospital, between July 1978 and December, 1985 illustrates the value of a comprehensive data collection system which has been developed at the hospital since 1978. Some brief epidemiological data is presented, together with a detailed analysis of the urological outcome of patients(More)
A prospective system of data collection, using computer storage, has been developed in the Spinal Injuries Unit, Austin Hospital. Three hundred and fifty-two consecutive admissions to the Unit between 1 July 1978 and 31 December 1982 are analysed, and this epidemiological data compared with other reports. Over 92% of the admissions were the result of spinal(More)
AIM To assess the developmental outcome of very preterm infants using a developmental screening tool deliverable by health visitors. METHODS The study cohort consisted of preterm infants born at <32 weeks gestation or <1500g. Infants were assessed at 12 and 24 months corrected age using the Schedule of Growing Skills developmental screening test. Scores(More)
Women from disadvantaged socio-economic groups access assisted reproductive technology treatment less than women from more advantaged groups. However, women from disadvantaged groups tend to start families younger, making them less likely to suffer from age-related subfertility and potentially have less need for fertility treatment. Whether socio-economic(More)
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