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Introduction One of the main purposes of the human kidneys is the maintenance and the regulation of the fluid and electrolyte homeostasis. About 80% of the filtrated substances are sodium (Na) and potassium. The reabsorption of NaCl dominates almost all processes of the kidney. In-vivo MR imaging of sodium is limited due to its electro-physiological(More)
In order to establish the most suitable technique for the construction of cast titanium denture frames, an experimental model was developed for the quantification of casting success. A relatively large wax pattern (36 x 29 x 0.9 mm) was prepared from a grid sheet used for the construction of cast cobalt chromium partial denture frames. The pattern consisted(More)
Population declines resulting from anthropogenic activities are of major consequence for the long-term survival of species because the resulting loss of genetic diversity can lead to extinction via the effects of inbreeding depression, fixation of deleterious mutations, and loss of adaptive potential. Otariid pinnipeds have been exploited commercially to(More)
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