Hugh A Smythe

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In sleep studies of (a) patients with the "fibrositis syndrome" and (b) healthy subjects undergoing stage 4 sleep deprivation, we observed in both groups the anomalous presence of alpha-rhythms in the non-rapid-eye-movement (NREM) sleep EEG. This phenomenon has been termed alpha-delta sleep. In the healthy subjects stage 4 deprivation was accompanied by(More)
Because there is little information about the efficacy of home occupational therapy, we decided to assess the effects of a home service on patients with rheumatoid arthritis. 105 patients aged 18-70 years, on stable medical therapy, were randomised to receive a 6-week comprehensive programme of occupational therapy (experimental group, 53 patients) or to(More)
A new skin contraction (10 cm segment) method for measuring segmental and "total" spinal movement in the sagittal plane is described and compared with the modified Schober test, finger-floor distance and goniometry. Three consecutive 10 cm segments are marked out along the spine from the lumbosacral junction with the patient in full flexion. The amount of(More)
OBJECTIVE To minimize interobserver variation in tender point examination, a training program was developed that focused on learning to deliver 4 kg force. METHODS A 3 step process was designed to provide both measurement and feedback, serving both didactic and research functions. There were 5 repetitions within each step. During the first and 3rd steps,(More)
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