Huey Kuan Tan

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REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY The speed and position data collected by TurfTrax Racing Data Limited during UK Thoroughbred racing have potential to benefit equine science and welfare. The size (the 2006 data set alone consists of 30,932 individual horse starts across 2667 races) and nature (speed and 2D position for each horse at 4 updates per second) of the(More)
Otitis media with effusion (OME) is a very common condition seen in children, and is the commonest cause of hearing loss in an infant. It is also a fairly common condition encountered by the family practitioner, and often the family practitioner is the first doctor the parents bring the child to. Otitis media with effusion is a simple condition but, if left(More)
Primary angiitis of the central nervous system (PACNS) is a rare vasculitis restricted to the central nervous system without systemic involvement. Delay in diagnosis and treatment is common due to its non-specific symptoms and lack of non-invasive diagnostic tests. Myelopathy can occur in PACNS, during the clinical course of the illness, with or without(More)
A 65-year-old man presented with a 6-week history of increasing confusion with associated cognitive decline. Empirical antibiotic cover for a urinary tract infection was prescribed with no response. After exhaustive radiological and pathological investigations were carried out, a diagnosis of John Cunningham virus encephalopathy was made. This case report(More)
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