Huei Wang

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—An ultra-wideband mixer using standard comple-mentery metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology was first proposed in this paper. This broadband mixer achieves measured conversion gain of 11 1 5 dB with a bandwidth of 0.3 to 25 GHz. The mixer was fabricated in a commercial 0.18-m CMOS technology and demonstrated the highest frequency and bandwidth of(More)
covering 0.6 to 22 GHz is presented in this paper. Cascode gain cells and m-derived matching sections are used to enhance the gain and bandwidth performance. The DA chip achieves measured gain of 7.3 f 0.8 dB with chip area of 0.9 x 1.5 mm' including testing pads. The amplifier was fabricated in a standard 0.18-pm CMOS technology and demonstrated the(More)
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