Huei-Hung Liao

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In this paper we propose a novel approach to the detection of abandoned luggage in video surveillance. Candidates of abandoned luggage items which may pose potential security threats are first identified and localized by our proposed foreground-mask sampling technique. Our approach can deal with luggage pieces of arbitrary shape and color without the need(More)
Abandoned luggage represents a potential threat to public safety. Identifying objects as luggage, identifying the owners of such objects, and identifying whether owners have left luggage behind are the three main problems requiring solution. This paper proposes two techniques which are “foreground-mask sampling” to detect luggage with arbitrary appearance(More)
Aerial imagery of an urban environment is often characterized by significant occlusions, sharp edges, and textureless regions, leading to poor 3D reconstruction using conventional multi-view stereo methods. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to 3D reconstruction of urban areas from a set of uncalibrated aerial images. A very general structural prior(More)
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