Huei-Huang Chen

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Automotive telematics comprises the applications of Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, multimedia entertainment, wireless communications and automatic driving assistance systems. This study examined users' acceptance of automotive telematics. Following the theory comparison approach, we evaluated including the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), the(More)
—To address the emerging issues of aging society, new technology creates many opportunities to solve the problem of care service and increases added-value in the digital family. Therefore, this paper analyzes the characteristics of WiMAX wireless technology and its applications in healthcare service. To investigate the local users' demand of wireless(More)
New methods for retrieving records from a database with links are given so that records are retrieved only once and not multiple times as happens when using the traditional method of retrieval Improvements as great as 50 percent are expected for queries over databases containing only many-to-one relationships and much greater improvements are expected when(More)
OLAP queries are complex and time-consuming and hence the data cube materialization is a commonly used technique to reduce response time. To the best of our knowledge, most of previous OLAP cube implementation techniques apply a static view selection algorithm on the search lattice. This static method first treats each node in the lattice as an undividable(More)
Many studies on the significance of knowledge management (KM) in the business world have been performed in recent years. Public sector KM is a research area of growing importance. Findings show that few authors specialize in the field and there are several obstacles to developing a cohesive body of literature. In order to examine their effect of the(More)