Huei-De Liao

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Most human adenoviruses encode two virus-associated (VA) RNAs, VA RNAI and VA RNAII, that accumulate to high levels in the cytoplasm of infected cells. The function of VA RNAI in blocking the activation of the cellular kinase PKR is well known, but the role of VA RNAII is obscure. Herein we characterize and purify several human proteins that interact(More)
Multiple phosphorylation sites of Drp1 have been characterized for their functional importance. However, the functional consequence of GSK3beta-mediated phosphorylation of Drp1 remains unclear. In this report, we pinpointed 11 Serine/Threonine sites spanning from residue 634~736 of the GED domain and robustly confirmed Drp1 Ser693 as a novel GSK3beta(More)
In the preceding study (Okamura et al., 1992; Biol Reprod 47:1040-1052) we suggested that a 135-kDa protein secreted by porcine epididymis is involved in the sperm maturation. In this work, we have isolated the cDNA clone coding the 135-kDa protein in an effort to investigate its structure and function. The 135-kDa protein was purified from porcine cauda(More)
The hedgehog (Hh) transcription factor Gli induces transformation of epithelial cells via induction of Snail, a repressor of E-cadherin. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition is also a determinant of the progression of tumorigenesis, following down-regulation of E-cadherin. However, the role of Hh signaling components and Snail/E-cadherin in brain tumors is not(More)
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