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A complementary DNA encoding a salicylic acid (SA)-binding protein has been cloned. Its properties suggest involvement in SA-mediated induction of systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in plants. The sequence of the protein is similar to that of catalases and the protein exhibits catalase activity. Salicylic acid specifically inhibited the catalase activity in(More)
The net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide was measured by eddy covariance methods for 3 years in two old-growth forest sites near Santarém, Brazil. Carbon was lost in the wet season and gained in the dry season, which was opposite to the seasonal cycles of both tree growth and model predictions. The 3-year average carbon loss was 1.3 (confidence(More)
A. Site Description We made biometric observations and eddy covariance measurements at two sites in the Tapajós National Forest (FLONA Tapajós): near Km 67 (54°58'W, 2°51'S) and Km 83 (54°56'W, 3°3'S) of the Santarém-Cuiabá highway (BR-163), which runs along the eastern edge of the Tapajós National Forest (FLONA Tapajós). The FLONA Tapajós is located on the(More)
Waterlogging and submergence are the major constraints to which wetland plants are subjected, with inevitable impacts on their physiology and productivity. Global warming and climate change, as driving forces of sea level rise, tend to increase such submersion periods and also modify the carbonate chemistry of the water column due to the increased(More)
Measured and calculated differential cross sections for elastic ͑rotationally unresolved͒ electron scattering from two primary alcohols, methanol ͑CH 3 OH͒ and ethanol ͑C 2 H 5 OH͒, are reported. The measurements are obtained using the relative flow method with helium as the standard gas and a thin aperture as the collimating target gas source. The relative(More)
The evolution of information technology and electronics in general has been consistently increasing the use of embedded systems. While hardware development for these systems is already consistent, software development for embedded systems still lacks a consolidated methodology. This short paper describes a process and toolset for Embedded Systems Modeling(More)
There has been a resurging interest in patterns of β-diversity, especially by the mechanisms driving broad-scale, continental and global patterns, and how partitioning β-diversity into richness (or nestedness) and turnover components can be linked with such mechanisms. Here we compared two recent methodologies to find richness and turnover components of(More)
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