Hucheng Xing

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bZIP genes play important roles in the regulation of many developmental and physiological processes and adaptive responses to the environment in plants. In the present study, a novel bZIP gene, designated as BnbZIP3 (Genbank accession number: KP462877), was cloned from ramie plants based on the sequence of Unigene6582 fragment in ramie transcriptome using(More)
bZIP transcription factors play key roles in plant growth, development, and stress signaling. A bZIP gene BnbZIP2 (GenBank accession number: KP642148) was cloned from ramie. BnbZIP2 has a 1416 base pair open reading frame, encoding a 471 amino acid protein containing a characteristic bZIP domain and a leucine zipper. BnbZIP2 shares high sequence similarity(More)
Ramie (Boehmeria nivea), a perennial herb belongs to Urticaceae family, is a rapid growth and high biomass crop with highly tolerant and accumulative to heavy metals. However, the gene expression and regulation caused by cadmium (Cd) in ramie has not been well studied. In the present study, a gene expression database of ramie root in the absence (control)(More)
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