Huchen Xie

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BACKGROUND We sought to determine the intra- and inter-radiation therapist reproducibility of a previously established matching technique for daily verification and correction of isocenter position relative to intraprostatic fiducial markers (FM). MATERIALS AND METHODS With the patient in the treatment position, anterior-posterior and left lateral(More)
The purpose was to evaluate and correct the co-registration of diagnostic PET/CT and MRI/MRI images for stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) using 3D volumetric image registration (3DVIR). The 3DVIR utilizes the homogeneity of color distribution over a volumetric anatomical landmark as the registration criterion with submillimeter accuracy. Fifty-three PET/CT(More)
Registration is critical for image-based treatment planning and image-guided treatment delivery. Although automatic registration is available, manual, visual-based image fusion using three orthogonal planar views (3P) is always employed clinically to verify and adjust an automatic registration result. However, the 3P fusion can be time consuming, observer(More)
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