Hubertus W. van den Borne

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BACKGROUND The policy concerning care for people with intellectual disability (ID) has developed from segregation via normalization towards integration and autonomy. Today, people with ID are seen as citizens who need to be supported to achieve a normal role in society. The aim of care is to optimize quality of life and promote self-determination. The(More)
Background: Vascular risk factors are often poorly managed. A multifactor approach with the aid of nurse practitioners (NPs) is more beneficial for achieving treatment goals of risk factors than achieved with usual care in patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD). Objective: In the SPAIN pilotstudy, we want to implement and test a secure personalized(More)
During the last decade strong improvements have been made in the medical care of patients with a digestive tract stoma, particularly with regard to nursing skills and to the quality of collecting material for faecal products. Scientific investigation into the psychosocial adjustment of patients after stoma surgery has intensified as well, giving us(More)
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