Hubertus Eilers

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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to create an access canal to the inner ear, by drilling, and perform the cochleostomy for cochlear implant surgery using robot guidance. METHODS A robot, a surgical drill and an Image-Guided Surgery (IGS) system were combined in a closed-loop setup. Ten temporal bones were scanned at the planning stages of the procedure.(More)
Cochlear implants (CI) are electronic devices incorporating an electrode inserted into the human cochlea for direct electric stimulation of the auditory nerve. The implantation has become the standard treatment for patients with severe-to-profound sensorineural loss not aidable with conventional hearing aids. The state of the art operative technique is a(More)
Due to increasing claims on high precision surgery, robotic assistance is becoming an emerging and highly demanded technology. Especially in surgical procedures in regions with complex anatomy mechatronical devices could help prevent iatrogen damaging of risk structures. In Otolaryngology particular cochlear implantation is a procedure characterized by a(More)
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