Hubert Nötzli

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Experimental animal models are frequently used to study articular cartilage, but the relevance to man remains problematic. In this study animal models were compared by examination of the collagen fibre arrangement in the medial tibial plateau of human, cow, pig, dog, sheep, rabbit and rat specimens. 24 cartilage samples from each species were prepared and(More)
The goal of this study has been to objectively and reliably estimate the precision of measuring 2D migration of hip prostheses. This is the distance change over time between the implant and the bone observable in X-ray images. To reach this goal, a generally valid scheme for determining the standard deviation of distance measurements in 3D to 2D projections(More)
The friction coefficients measured in diarthrodial joints are small. Theories of joint lubrication attribute this efficiency to entrapment or movement of synovial fluid, yet anatomical models of the surface are based on studies of isolated fragments of cartilage, not functional joints. To investigate the functional interrelationship of joint surfaces and(More)
Assessing the displacement of bony implants is an important topic in arthroplasty, particularly in total hip replacement (THR). The observation of the migration is supposed to provide an insight into the fixation of the implant. Diagnostic standard radiographs of the pelvis are an advantageous data source for this purpose. The previous methods based on(More)
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