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Characterization of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) material and transmission lines on LCP substrates from 30 to 110 GHz
Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) is a material that has gained attention as a potential high-performance microwave substrate and packaging material. This investigation uses several methods to determineExpand
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Material characterisation from -160/spl deg/C up to 800/spl deg/C in centimeter and millimeter wavelength frequency band
A free space microwave measurement system has been developed to simultaneously determine complex permittivity and permeability of materials. The set up has been recently improved to permit high andExpand
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Non-destructive complex permittivity measurements of absorbing materials
A flanged circular waveguide propagating dominant TE/sub 11/ mode is used to test absorbing properties of a plate-shaped dielectric sample placed at the opened waveguide end. In this method, which isExpand
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Optimized CAD of power amplifiers, for maximum added power or minimum third order intermodulation, using an optimization software coupled to a single tone source and load-pull set-up
Using the narrow-bandwidth approximation, the authors show that added power and third-order intermodulation can be approximated with a symmetrical source and load-pull single-tone measurement setupExpand
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Highly selective planar filter using negative resistances for loss compensation
This paper deals with the realization of a resonator-based planar passive filter which losses are compensated for by active circuits simulating negative resistances. Most important characteristics ofExpand
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Microwave monolithic phase shifter for optical transmission at 40 Gb/s
This paper deals with a design technique for an integrated planar phase shifter on GaAs substrate at millimetre-wave frequencies for optical transmission applications at 40 Gb/s. We numerically showExpand
Polarization-sensitive microwave band gaps in array structures
In this paper we explore both theoretically and experimentally the electromagnetic properties of microwave photonic band gap structures formed by several layers of doubly periodic arrays ofExpand