Hubert Grzybek

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of structuring, capturing, creating, and managing a digital representation of physical and/or functional characteristics of a built space [1]. Current BIM has limited ability to represent dynamic semantics, social information, often failing to consider building activity, behavior and context; thus limiting(More)
Health care provision is significantly impacted by the ability of health providers to engineer a viable healthcare space to support care stakeholders needs. In this chapter, the authors discuss and propose use of organisational semiotics as a set of methods to link stakeholders to systems, which allows them to capture data about clinician activity,(More)
Learning the spatial layout of an environment is critical to domains including military and emergency personnel training. Training all staff within a real-world space, however, cannot practically be achieved, particularly if space is under-development or potentially unsafe. This paper contributes towards a better understanding of how individual difference(More)
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