Hubert Enichlmair

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The random mismatch of semiconductor devices caused by local variations of the production process strongly influences critical performance parameters of analog circuits. In order to estimate the influence of the device mismatch on the circuit yield during the design phase, statistical mismatch models for the individual components must be provided for(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Distribution function Hot-carrier degradation nLDMOS transistor Spherical harmonics expansion Drift–diffusion scheme Interface states Modeling We analyze the applicability of different analytic models for the carrier distribution function (DF), namely the heated Maxwellian, the Cassi model, the Hasnat approach, the Reggiani(More)
We develop an analytical model for hot-carrier degradation based on a rigorous physics-based TCAD model. The model employs an analytical approximation of the carrier acceleration integral (calculated with our TCAD approach) by a fitting formula. The essential features of hot-carrier degradation such as the interplay between single-and multiple-electron(More)
Negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) of pMOS structures is a critical reliability concern for modern semiconductor devices. We propose and evaluate an enhanced NBTI model with the following additions to the standard reaction-diffusion (RD) model [1] (a) coupling to the semiconductor device equations to self-consistently include the oxide field,(More)
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