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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of domestic violence among female patients and to identify clinical characteristics that are associated with current domestic violence. DESIGN Cross-sectional, self-administered, anonymous survey. SETTING 4 community-based, primary care internal medicine practices. PATIENTS 1952 female patients of varied age and(More)
Telemedicine promises greater access to health care of higher quality, potentially at lower cost. The diverse applications of telemedicine technology developed to date have not been evaluated systematically in terms of their ability to achieve these goals. Furthermore, the great variety in telemedicine applications and the far-reaching consequences of new(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of childhood physical or sexual abuse in women seen in primary care practices; to identify physical and psychologic problems associated with that abuse; and to compare the effects of childhood physical vs sexual abuse and childhood vs adult abuse. DESIGN Cross-sectional, self-administered, anonymous survey. SETTING(More)
Central to the development of a competitive market for managed care products is the ability to measure the quality of care provided by individual managed care organizations (MCOs). Several types of quality measures could be considered for this purpose: patient and provider satisfaction, a listing of specific services provided to patients, or clinical(More)
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